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Light and Shadow, cotton (pastel drawing)
Leaf II, cotton (pastel drawing)
The Horn of Africa, cotton (Shibori indigo)
Leaf I, cotton (pastel drawing)
The Arava, cotton (disperse dye print
Indigo Geometry, cotton (Shibori indigo)
Campfire, cotton (gouache painting)
Toothpicks in Indigo, cotton (Shibori indigo)
Hand It In, Orange!, cotton (photograph)G_6799.jpeg
Holier Than Thou, cotton (discharge bleaching)
Primary Forces, cotton (batik)
Bad Hair Day Gone Good, cotton (photograph)
ScarletCentrix, disperse dye print03.jpeg
Dreams Repaired, cotton (clay sculpture)
First City, cotton (clay sculpture)
Sherbet, cotton (ice cube dye)et, ice cube dye on cotton
Thinking of Susan, cotton (gouache painting)
Desert Oasis, cotton (deconstructed silkscreen)
First Day Kilt, cotton (disperse dye print)
Marigold Bliss, cotton (deconstructed silkscreen)
Am I Seeing Double?, cotton  (pastel drawing)
Underneath the Steamer, cotton (Shibori indigo)
Magnified JFK, cotton (clay sculpture)
Meditation, cotton (ice cube dye)
My Kinda Red Carpet, cotton (deconstructed silkscreen)
Grateful Dead Diva, cotton (acrylic painting)
The Red Wrapper, cotton (photograph)
Syracuse Acid Trip, cotton (ice cube dye)
Pinched, cotton (clay relief)
MX Dye Heaven, cotton (ice cube dye)
My Woods in Lexington, cotton (disperse dye print)
After Carle, Outside of My Comfort Zone, cotton (gouache on tissue paper)
Cotton Candy, cotton (disperse dye print)
Sukkah Banner I, cotton (batik)
Ndebele LunchBag, cotton (batik)
Sukkah Banner II, cotton (batik)

As an undergraduate fine art student at Syracuse University, with great reservation, I signed up to take a textile design class.  The professor was obsessed with paisley and though I loved working with gouache paint, which we used to execute our labored repeats, I had no interest whatsoever in taking textile design any further.  Never in a million years would I have thought that this would become an interest of mine. 


I also remember being amused by my mother and her sister ooohing and ahhhing over Marimeko fabrics.  Yes, they’re very nice, I thought, but who cares about fabric?  Well, here I am, caring.  I wish my mom and aunt were alive to see all of this. 


The fabrics included here are either (originally) acrylic and/or watercolor paintings, mixed media collages, disperse dye monoprints, disperse dye collages, clay sculptures, photographs of various objects, including tools of the trade, malfunctioning marbling combs, indigo Shibori, discharge dyed pieces, ice cube MX dyed pieces, batiks, and pastel drawings.  Photographs were taken of my work and then printed onto fabric using the Spoonflower website.

These were all printed on cotton and I added what the original image was - a disperse dye print, an ice-cubed dye print, a drawing, a photograph, etc.

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